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A more casually defined employability profile

I’m primarily interested in working on climate change and AI, but I’m also interested in Linux development, hardware hacking, and the Doom engine. Looking for work in or near London. A list of portfolio projects can be found here



University Classes & Grade Profile

Placement Year

Placement Year Written Report - A*

2nd Year Modules

Android Group Project - A*
Software Development and Management - A*
Usability Engineering - A*
Algorithms and their Applications - A
Networks and Operating Systems - A

1st Year Modules

Robotics Group Project - A*
Information Systems and Organisations - A
Introductory Programming - A*
Data and Information - A+
Logic and Computation - A
Software Design - A-

Foundation Year Modules

Algebra A - A*
Discrete and Decision Mathematics - A+
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - A
Introduction to Computing - A+
Introduction to Programming - A+
Study Skills - A