Will Fitch

Software Development Portfolio

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I’m Will Fitch. I like to write software, play music, and run around the wilderness. Here are some projects:

Bat Finder (Java, OpenCV)

A technical challenge for a Computer Vision placement application, this program finds baseball bats in images using the OpenCV library (which is how I managed to get computer vision working in Java). It’s only been tested on the images I was given in the assignment, so find other baseball bats at your own peril.


Handwriting Translator (Python, TensorFlow)

My handwriting has always been awful. I’ve tried buying fancy pens (useless), learning to write in different styles (scruffy in all of them), learning to write with my left hand (even worse), and learning elvish calligraphy (fun but useless). I’ve finally given up and let the machines translate for me.


TABL Ordering App (Android, FireBase)

A uni assignment in which I worked with other students to develop our own product. We chose to create an app that completely removes the human element from eating out, allowing you to order food directly to your table entirely on an app. During this project I worked on project management and full-stack development. I’m not allowed to link to the code for this project, but I assure you it exists.


Algorithms Collection (Java)

I like to collect things and I like to try implementing new algorithms. This project is the product of those interests. Potential employers keep out, this is where I break things trying to understand how they work.



coming soon!


If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at WRFitch@outlook.com

You can also follow me on Instagram @wrfitch.