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I’m Will Fitch. I’m a computer science student at Brunel University London, focusing on AI, though I do work on some other things. I like to write software, play music, and run around the wilderness. I also like minimalist websites, but I don’t make them. Here are some things I do make:

Brunel Final Year Project (Python, fast.ai)


I’m currently working on completing my final year project at university, writing a neural network to upscale greenhouse gas emission data to better pinpoint new sources of emissions, which can then be dealt with. However, this project is likely to be in flux for the next few months.


Londoninium City Simulator (Python)


A population simulator for a fictional gothic city, complete with random character generation and timescales, inspired by Dwarf Fortress. This originally started out as a tile-based simulation, but that proved too granular to be efficient. Therefore, this project is currently being refactored to provide more high-level character-focused information dumps over a continuing timescale, to aid storytelling.

Code unavailable until this project is at a functional stage

Arduino Air Quality Sensor and Office Stale Air Experiment (Arduino, C++)

Since starting work in an open office, I’ve noticed I’m less able to concentrate than I’d like to be as the day goes on. While I could just be tired, I’m also interested in the effect of stale air on cognitive function, and as such I decided to measure if there was a notable change in air quality over the course of a day or week, and how that change affected productivity if at all. I also didn’t want to pay £100 to satisfy some mild curiosity and had an Arduino lying around not doing anything, so I built the CO2 detector myself. Since moving near a major motorway and airport, I’m reviving this project to see how different the CO2 concentration is here.


TABL Ordering App (Android, Cloud Firestore)

A uni group assignment in which I worked with other students to develop a networked Android application. We chose to create an app that completely removes one human element from eating out, allowing you to order food to your table entirely on an app. During this project I worked on project management and full-stack development.


Proximity-Sensitive Messenger Device (Android, Raspberry Pi)

A university assignment in which I worked with other students to design a communication device that could only communicate within 100 metres. This assignment forced the team to consider possible contexts in which such a limitation could be useful, and design hardware and software accordingly; for example, using a bluetooth meshnet as the primary networking architecture, before choosing to modify the brief to mean within 100M of the intended usage environment, which would have a standard intranet setup. I chose to go beyond the remit of this assignment, building a physical & software prototype of the product to test our ideas, which greatly informed our design.

Algorithms Collection (Java)

I like to collect things and I like to try implementing new algorithms. This project is the product of those interests. Potential employers keep out, this is where I break things trying to understand how they work.


There’s a more updated version here, used as revision for my advanced algorithms course at university.



coming soon!


If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at WRFitch@outlook.com