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Arduino Air Sensor & Office Air Quality Experiment

This project came about as I noticed my ability to concentrate during the day decreased when I was at work - something I hadn’t noticed before in previous job roles involving manual labour, which were often outdoors. I’d also recently watched this video about the effect of stale air, and wanted to investigate how this affects my productivity at work, but didn’t want to pay £100 for a CO2 detector that might not satisfy my ability for data capture. To that end, I decided to build my own out of an Arduino and an Adafruit SGP30 Gas Sensor, which can detect CO2 and VOC’s.

The Arduino was originally running on a battery-powered raspberry pi, with a regular cron job to ensure the device is monitoring correctly. Now I’m primarily working from home on a Linux PC, it’s run via a startup script on my PC, logging data into a local logs/ directory. From here, the rudimentary python data visualisation script can be used to visualise the data. I’d like to refine this as part of an open-source smart-home monitoring project in future.

There are some clear limitations of this device - it’s fragile, it’s cobbled together from off-the-shelf parts, and the CO2 detector has to be calibrated to ensure accurate reading. However, it’s been fun to make as a starting point for Arduino development.